According to my research, the word "Surah" has some meanings, such as:

Enclosure, Altitude, the wall which is around the city.

But I was wondering what its precise meaning is? Actually is there any tradition concerning its exact meaning?

Note: I'm looking for the exact meaning of it which is used in the noble Qur'an


Let's start by checking the meaning from the Qur'an itself:

You will find this word ( the Arabic noun) Surah/Sura سُورة (plural suwar سُوَر or surat سُورات) in many Qur'an Verses (I'm not sure if i quote all of them):

In Surat at-Tawba (9:64), (9:86), (9:124), (9:127)
In Surat Hud (11:13)
In Surat an-Nur (24:1)
And in Surat Mohammad (47:20)

In all of these Verses the words سُورة or سُوَر refer to a chapter from the Qur'an!

Now According to almaany (Please look at the Arabic/Arabic as Arabic English ends with the meaning described above) here are other meanings:

  • Surah when speaking about a Building: a good, high, and "beautiful" one
  • Surah when speaking of a wall: It's the deep root or base one start building the wall from -> technical term: foundation or footing!
  • Surah also refers to a level, rate category or high standing pf something
  • It could also be used for an indication, symbol or mark!

Notice that you might find in the Qur'an the word (noun) أساوِرَ this is a plural of إسوار which is often translated as bracelets!
You may also encounter the word (noun) سور with the plural أَسْوَارٌ or سِيرَانُ which is a wall or enclosure (see for example in Surat and al-Hadid).

And Allah knows best!


I think the first meaning that you said ("Enclosure") is the best. It means that soorah is like a fence or wall to keep around some ayahs in Quran-Karim.

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