The word مُوَلِّي appears in Quran verse 2:148. I have read a few translations of the verse (e.g. here) but I still don't have a good understanding of what the word means. I looked it up on المعاني but it is not there.

What is the meaning of the word?

I am not looking for the translations of the verse, I know them. I am trying to understand the verse better by understanding the meaning and the usage of the word in Arabic.

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I found a text in the site www.mahdi313.ir which could be profitable for you. In accordance with its Tafseer, the meaning of مولی could be a Qiblah, or a direction, which is related to a leader or Imam (as the right direction)

Of course I found some sites in Farsi which are related to your question, (if you know Farsi), you can see them. They are as shown in below (as sources).



It is hard to translate this word in English. I can nearly say مولی is a subject that means a person who stand in a special direction و لکل وجهه هو مولیها means any direction has some people who stand in.


Well the مُوَلِّي is a noun (from the family) of the verb وَلَّى which may have many meanings like elapse (if the context is time), follow (if it's about a person or an authority) or assign or direct, turn, turn away ... as you can find here:


In the context of the Verse only turn/turn away are acceptable.

This would mean that مُوَلِّي is a person which turns to a certain direction or turns away from a certain direction.

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