Why the back of the hand?

I was taught to always apply ittar on the back of the hands and I've seen this everywhere, from North America to Mecca . Why not the palm? Normally when we spread things on our body, we naturally use the palm - so why the back of the hand with ittar?

White Musk

On a trip back from Umrah, my brother brought me back a bottle of very, very thick "white musk". How do I apply it? Are you supposed to mix it in with water or something? It's so thick and sticky it's hard to believe that you rub it over normally.

Also, "musk" in English at least traditionally meant the semen of deer or other animals that had nice fragrances. Is that the same kind of "musk" that many Hadith mention?

Please don't tell me that's what my white musk is made from.

On a side note: sorry about the bad tag, I couldn't find one appropriate. I'm surprised that there were no tags for "Akhlaq" or "manners"

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original musk which comes from a gland in the deer is not white musk, the latter is either synthetic or from crystals found in some caves.. that type was not known at the time of the Prophet may peace be upon him

  • Do you have any references? – nim May 2 '16 at 11:35

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