Assalamu Alaikum, Please, is A.S. instead of R.A. conferred on Ali? My understanding is A.S. is for Prophets and R.A. is for the Companions and the Tabi'in.


"A.S" -> "Alayh es Salam" علیه السلام means salam to him.

"R.A" -> "RaziaAllah o Anh" رضی الله عنه means God be satisfied of him.

All Muslims use "A.S" for all prophets and use "pbuh" for holy prophet Mohammad. Also Shia Muslims use "A.S" their 12 Imams after holy prophet include Imam Ali. Sunni Muslims use "R.A" for 3 khalifas after holy prophet and use "A.S" for 4th of them, Imam Ali, because "Ali bn AbiTaleb" was only sahaba of holy prophet who never pray anything expect Allah, before Islam.

  • No, afaik they use karam-ulallaho-wajhu, not Alayh es Salam. And please avoid adding salutations like salam on alaykom in posts. – Bleeding Fingers Dec 21 '14 at 21:01

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