I made an oath about a thing in anger. I didn't actually want to make an oath, but my situation and my anger made me do it. My question is: do I need to fulfil the promise, or I can break it?

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If you take an oath, you must fulfil it. But in Islam, for an oath to be valid, there are some conditions:

  • It has to be taken in Allah's name or his attributes.
  • The one taking the oath must be sane and mature. And should do so with free will and clear intention. Similarly, if he takes an oath
    involuntarily, or unintentionally, in a state of excitement, the oath will be void.
  • The oath is not on something impossible.

  • An oath taken must not be for a haraam or makrooh act.

  • For a person who is angry, their oath is not valid.



You must do one of these if you broke your oath (swear):

  1. Free a slave. (you can pay debt of a person and make him free from prison; we may not have slaves in the formal meaning of the word).

  2. Feed 10 poor people or clothing them. If you can not afford 1st and second you can do the third

  3. You can fast for 3 days.

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    @Rizwan actualy the answer is wrong. You did that in anger: you don't need to fulfil anything.
    – user4456
    Jul 12, 2014 at 8:05

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