I have type 1 diabetes which was diagnosed in november 2013, till last year I used to fast but I cannot now, because I have to take insulin during day times (i.e while fasting) and dinner and have to eat for every 2.5 hours. Is my fast excused?


Health is also in the conditions where fast is excused. The conditions are

  1. Health
  2. When you're in a journey

But if you do not fast then you have to manage for a poor person to fast. Meaning you have to make all the arrangement for him like in Sehri and Iftar. After that your fast is excused but when you became healthy then the number of fast you excused you have to do then.

Sources: Islamic Academy, Ala-Hazrat, Islamic Society of Rutgers University

By poor person mentioned here are those people who cannot manage food for their sehri and iftar

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