Reading from the thread How many ahad hadith are there in Sahih Bukhari?

and i searched other questions i want to know how many mutwatir hadis exist?

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This is a problematic question.

First, you have to define what's a mutawatir hadith? The scholars differ tremendously.

Second, from that definition only then we can identify mutawatir. But that's IF you can define it.

And this is also the reason why scholars give different numbers on how many mutawatir narrations exist.

No early muhadith from the first two generations believed in mutawatir. It was only later scholars that began the categorization of a hadith into ahad and mutawatir.

Realistically, with the all the definitions on mutawatir in existence, only one hadith can be said to be mutawatir

And ironically that hadith is =

"Whoever tells lies about me deliberately, let him take his place in Hell."

This hadith was reported by over a 100 sahaba and fits with majority of the definitions given to mutawatir. Also, the word "deliberately" doesn't exist in some of the reports.

Imam ibn as-Salah has also mentioned similar in his book "Muqaddimah" about mutawatir

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