I have encountered two different ways of spelling the word دَسَّاهَا as it appears on سورة الشمس. One of them doesn't use the letter ي in it and other one does. For example, quran.com doesn't use the letter ي.

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On the other hand, my copy of mushaf, use the letter ي in the word دَسَّاهَا.

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I can find similiar usage in different words. For example, the word سَوَّاهَا in ayah 7 is spelling in my mushaf like this;

enter image description here

Moreover, I find this kind of usage in another book (not a mushaf) that I have. Notice that both this book and my mushaf is printed by Turkish publishers.

My questions is, Why is there such difference in spelling and Does similiar usage appear in books that are not published in Turkey?

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There are 7 ways to recite the Quran. In the image you showed, it is witten like this because it describes Al-Kisa'ai method of recitation.

If you go to Surah As-Shams you will see that it is written likes this:

enter image description here

However, If you want to write it in the Arabic language, it should be written like this:

enter image description here

So why is the word written in the Quran different from the one in Arabic ?

Scholars, to make it easy for us, decided to write it this way to give us a hint that this specific word could be read/recited in another way(another Qira'at). An example is found in the image you have put in your question. Thus, they added a "ya'a" with no dots and replaced the long "Alef" with really small letter above the "Ya'a" to make it easier for reciters tell which is which.

Here is a recitation By Hafs(common everywhere) and another recitation of the same verse by Kisa'i

There is a book that explains why these unknown ways of writing the arabic words in the Quran is different. I will update the answer as soon as I remember the name.

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