I would like to know the exact location of where Prophet Muhammad's (Peace and blessings be upon him) father was buried? Where is his grave?


The tomb of Prophet Muhammad’s father is in Medina.

In the past Abdullah In return of sham trade, went to medina. In medina there were some houses belong to bani-alnajar tribe (who were amene's(Abdullah 's wife) relative),Abdullah went to Nabeghe 's house;a person from that tribe. After some Abdullah became sick and died; according to that time custom, they buried him in Nabeghe 's house.

Prophet’s mother and him went to dar-alnabeghe when he was 6 years old and stayed there for 1 month.

Later, Prophet prayed in dar-alnabeghe several times, so they called it dar-alnabeghe mosque.

Some documents:

-Ibn-saad said from Zahri & Ibn-Abas:after hegira to medina whenever prophet looked at that place,will said:

«نظر إلي الدار فقال: ههنا نزلت بي أمّي و في هذه الدار قبر أبي عبد الله.»

“my mother and me stayed in that place,and there is my father 's grave"(also in that reference: fasl men tarikh almedina from vaghedi)

-Batnuni said:

«مقام سيّدنا عبدالله والد الرسول... في بيت رجل منهم (بنونجّار) يقال له النّابغة

"Grave of Abdullah,prophet 's father,is in Nabeghe 's house,who was from bani-alnajar tribe"

-kateb Vaghedi said:

«ودُفِنَ فی دار النابغة وهُوَ رَجلٌ من بنی عدی بن نجّار...»

"He buried in dar-alnabeghe which was house of nabeghe, who was from bani-alnajar tribe"(tabaghat,volume1)

-ibn-shebh said:

«قبر عبدالله بن عبدالمطلب فی دارالنابغة»

"Abdullah’s grave exists in dar-alnabeghe"(ibn-shebh 's tarikh-almedina,volume1)

-tabari said:

«وَدُفن فی دار النابغة فی الدار الصغری إذا دخلت الدار عن یَسارِکَ لَیس بین أصحابنا فی ذلک اختلاف»

"And he buried in dar-alnabeghe,in left side which there is no disagreement between our companions about that"(tarikh tabari,volume2)

In 1976 they destroyed this place for Nabavi Mosque Development!

Reference in Persian:


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