I encountered few people wearing gems like ruby(Yaqoot), coral(Marjan), Turquoise(Feroza) and some other gemstones and asked about it

  • Why you wear it ?
  • Did prophet wore that ?
  • Does that have effect on human life ? if yes how and why ?

and got different answers

  • Its mentioned in Quran
  • Its Sunnah
  • Those have Effect on human life (Do they ? )

Being a Muslim I want to know everything about it, what is the importance of those and how, why, I would appreciate if you use Quran and Hadith references.

  • Its mentioned in Quran (?)
    - only names of some gems are mentioned in the Quran, but there is no recommendation or prohibition about wearing it. (see this)
  • Its sunnah (?)

    It was narrated from Anas bin Malik that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) wore a ring of silver, in which was an Ethiopian gemstone and the inscription: ‘Muhammad Rasul Allah’

  • Those have Effect on human life
    Do they ? -no.

    Say, "O Allah , Owner of Sovereignty,..... In Your hand is [all] good... [3:26]

I think, to believe that a material will bring fortune to human life is almost equivalent to shirk. So wear them only for decoration, but do not show off

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