I took photos from television when it was showing Quran recitation. At the bottom the photos(I mean television screen) I think they are displaying the name of the Qari who was reciting the Quran.

I am adding 3 photos where there are the name of the different Qari in all photos.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

but my problem is I am not a native Arabic speaker and I can't read Arabic in such form.

can anyone please tell me name of all the Qari from these 3 photos?


The Qari in the first is:

القارئ محمد المنشاوي

Qari' Muhammad Al Minshawi

In the Second is:

القارئ فارس عباد

Qari Faris 'Abbad

in the third:

القارئ عبد الله الجهني

Qari' Abdullah Al Juhani

I hope this answers your question.


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