I have alopecia, my hair has fallen.

So I was wondering if I could do the mashah while doing wahdu, if I ready have a valid wadhu, while wearing the wig? Similar to washing feet and wearing socks.


It would be a valid Wudhu if you cannot pick it up (you cannot remove your wig). Hence you can Mash on it.

( in accordance with the ruling of Grand Ayatollah Hadawi Tehrani as a Marja’ al Taqlid of Shia)

But I recommend you to read the site blow which consists of more detailed info. Regarding the mentioned issue. (Of course I could not find it in English), Anyhow, I hope at least you could find your matter in one of these three languages)


http://islamquest.net/ar/archive/question/fa21348 (in Arabic)

http://islamquest.net/fa/archive/question/fa21348 (in Farsi)

http://islamquest.net/tr/archive/question/fa21348 (in Turkish)

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