When a person dies. Where will their soul go? As judgement day is known by Allah Almighty and what I have read, after day of judgement a person will go to either hell or paradise.

But what happens until then? What about people who have died last decade of even century ago? What does Qur'an say about that? Are they in heaven or hell or still in the grave or some other place?


When people die, they stay between this life and afterlife. It's called Barzakh.

Al-Barzakh is generally viewed as the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds, in which the soul awaits after death and before resurrection on Qiyamah (Judgement Day).

At the state of Barzakh, people get questioned, showed what they did in their life and showed what is going to be afterlife to them.

You can read more in here with resources.

The Holy Qur’an says:

...and before them is a barrier until the day they are raised. (23:100)

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Bismillah Alrahman Rahim

I am not an expert, but IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY, shaheed goes directly to paradise, if they are not in debt, and also those who read Ayat Kursi after the five obligatory prayers will go directly to paradise (according to hadith). And those who act against religion of Islam, will go directly to hell, the remaining cases are barzhak, in his/her tomb, either going to be like a garden of paradise or punishment of hell...

The above information I gave you might have mistakes, as I am not a (certified) scholar, so recheck and find references and ask scholars for getting certain information.

Wa allah u a'lam

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