Is the zabiha (prescribed method of ritual slaughter) valid if the person doing it does not offer salah regurarly? I ask because I heard a person who misses prayers without a valid reason would be considered a kafiir.


No. If the person believes in Allah and His Oneness then he is not kafir. Not offering prayer occasionally or chronically doesn't deem him as kafir/infidel.

Prayer is an obligatory thing, ordained by Allah, for all Muslims. Not offering it will make him accountable as a Muslim.

Muslim (p) implies salah (q).

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  • "Not offering prayer occasionally or chronically doesn't deem him as kafir/infidel." There are quite a lot of scholars who would disagree; ibn Hanbal for example seemingly thought it already renders you a kafir if you purposely omit a small number (I don't remember exactly) of obligatory prayers. – G. Bach Jan 15 '17 at 4:07

Following an act of kufr doesn't make one a kafir.

Imam Malik said, “If I have 99 reasons to believe a person is a kafir and one to believe he is not, I’ll prefer the latter.”

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