I want to know what kind of istinja (paper/water/other??) is allowed in Islam in the following 2 situations:

  1. Situation 1: When someone is healthy/not sick.
  2. Situation 2: When someone is sick.

Please provide me with quran, ahadith, or other daalil.


I once heard that istinja with paper is allowed but I never looked after the daalil.

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With water it is called "Istinja" and with paper, sand, or rock it's called "Istijmar".

Its allowed to use any or both (Isinija or/and istijmar), just enough to remove dirtiness.

In regards to being being sick or healthy, just use what is enough and what you are able to use. E.g: if using water painful or you have any other issue like if you had a surgery, then use paper.

It's not allowed to use any other thing for this, like bones, leaves, and dung etc.

You can see this link for more.

And if you understand arabic, see this link.

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