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Top new questions this week:

Authenticity of Hadith on Riba

Can anyone confirm the authenticity of these Hadiths with references. “Consuming one dirham of Interest is like doing Zina 36 times” and “Riba equals to 70 Sins. Lowest of them is having ...

hadith riba  
asked by Abd-Allah 1 vote
answered by The Z 1 vote

What are the time periods of each salah?

I have searched many times but haven't been able to get an answer to my question. I know that Maghrib becomes qada when we can not see the sun rays anymore, but what about other salah times? Till what ...

asked by chameleon 1 vote
answered by Ahmed 2 votes

How many times do we live after death?

Salamun aleikum, I know that there were a meeting with God, before we were on this earth, testifying that only Allah is our God. My question is on this verse. „They will say, "Our Lord, You made ...

quran tafseer islamic-philosophy quran-translation verses  
asked by FromAnatolia 1 vote
answered by The Z 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who are the women that a man is forbidden to marry?

While I know that Islam allow a man to marry four wives at the same time, it prohibited men from marrying specific women, such as mother. My question is, who are those women that are prohibited for a ...

halal-haram nikah fiqh  
asked by Tamer Shlash 15 votes
answered by Tamer Shlash 30 votes

Where was the first Qibla of Islam?

Where was the first Qibla in Islam? Is there any verse in the Qur'an or hadith that established that Qibla? Why did Muslims pray towards Jerusalem?

history qiblah  
asked by muslim1 11 votes

What is the punishment for missing a prayer?

In my childhood, I heard stories like if a person misses a prayer, he is punished so and so years in hell fire. In the modern Islam, I do not hear of these. What is the exact punishment of missing a ...

salat punishment  
asked by muslim1 3 votes
answered by مجاهد 4 votes

What is the meaning of saying "amin" after dua?

Why do we say Amin after doing a dua (praying) ? What does Amin mean? Christians say a similar word; namely Amen. Is this only a coincidence?

asked by hkBattousai 5 votes
answered by Ashu 4 votes

What are the names of seven heavens and hells in Arabic script?

The names of seven heavens and hells in Arabic. I know a few of them. Hell I know only one which is for Muslims. What about Christians, Jews, pretenders, magicians and idol worshipers? Please give ...

jannah names jahannam  
asked by bijoy das 3 votes
answered by اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد 3 votes

How long to wait after sunrise before offering fajr prayer?

Assalamu'Alaikum Fellow Community members, This is my very first question to the community and it's a simple one. Is there a hadith or quranic verse which tells how long one has to wait after ...

salat time fajr  
asked by fxtech 6 votes
answered by Syeda 2 votes

Fasting niyat(dua)

Asslam o alikum. In Islam the new day begins after maghrib , right. When we do sehri and close our fast at fagr , we do the intention(niyat) of fast. From fagr to maghrib(when we open the fast) it is ...

asked by L.. 3 votes
answered by III-AK-III 4 votes

Can you answer this question?

Do Shias have a different way to offer prayer?

If they do pray in a different way, how do they do so? Note that I, in no way intend to undermine or offend the Shia community by asking this question.

salat shia-sunni  
asked by chameleon 1 vote
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