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Top new questions this week:

Does my ghusl count

I got semen on my pubic hair. I tried to wash everything and get the semen out then done wudu. When I got changed I noticed solid white stuff on my pubic hair. Is my ghusl still valid in this case?

asked by Ali 2 votes
answered by Ryan Amalfitano 0 votes

Comment on a hadith by Aischa r.a where Umar r.a wanted from the wives of the prophet to veil themselve

Salam alaykum, i would like to hear your opinion on this following hadith which i found on a website: It was narrated from ‘Aa’ishah that the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be ...

hadith-interpretation women islamic-basis hijab  
asked by roki 1 vote
answered by The Z 1 vote

Do I recieve sins for a friend calling me a "god" at a game

So basically we play a videogame and he called me "god"(for being good at it) which is what I immediately reacted to and told him not to as I am but a human..Could I somehow receive sins ...

halal-haram non-muslim sin shirk kufr  
asked by Anonymous 1 vote
answered by The Z 1 vote

Is niyyat for ghsul needed?

Everytime I do ghsul for janaabat I sit in the bathtub and keep repeating the niyyat in my heart and it take me around an a hour to be fully satisfied with my niyyat... (I think I'm kind of having OCD ...

fiqh practical-islam reference-request ghusl  
asked by Uwni 1 vote
answered by Sadiqur Rahman 2 votes

Should I do Ghusl even if I find a wetness but it looks different?

Assalamu alaikum. Recently, I've found out I've been getting frequent emissions at night. I remember seeing a dream but don't remember seeing any sexual content in it. However, on one website it said ...

ghusl dream nocturnal-emission  
asked by Cookie. 1 vote

Non touching Masturbation

I'm a female, i can pleasure myself without even touching any parts of my body just by doing some contraction, Sometimes it just happens and i don't know what to do? And is it forbidden?

halal-haram sex masturbation  
asked by Yara 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it permissible to use "subliminals" in videos to change one's eye color?

There are these videos which is like some sort of 'hypnosis' thing for your subconscious mind. It plays these frequencies with an inaudible voice in the background that your subconscious can hear. ...

halal-haram medical human-body  
asked by Yasmeen 2 votes
answered by Nik 3 votes

Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) footprint near the Kaaba

Here is a picture of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) footprint near the Kaabah Is there any evidence that is definitely footprint of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH)?

history kaabah prophet-ibrahim  
asked by I'll-Be-Back 10 votes
answered by System Down 5 votes

Is there any evidence in Qur'an or Hadith which states that there were 124,000 Prophets/Messengers of Islam?

Almost all scholars say there were 124,000 prophets sent by Allah. Where does this number come from and what is the evidence to support it?

prophets messengers source-identification  
asked by Tabrez Ahmed 15 votes
answered by Ansari 14 votes

Why did Ayesha battle with Ali (a.s) in the Battle of the Camel (Jamal)?

Many Sunni references point to the fact that Ayesha, along with some of the companions of the Prophet (saws) such as Talha and Zubair engaged into a battle with Ali (a.s). References : History ...

ali aisha battle-of-jamal  
asked by Nerrve 20 votes
answered by Abdullah 28 votes

Fasting niyat(dua)

Asslam o alikum. In Islam the new day begins after maghrib , right. When we do sehri and close our fast at fagr , we do the intention(niyat) of fast. From fagr to maghrib(when we open the fast) it is ...

asked by L.. 3 votes
answered by III-AK-III 4 votes

What is the difference between Hadith and Qur'an?

I am learning about Islam and have noticed people mentioning Hadith and Qur'an, I am not entirely sure what if any difference there is between them, for example. Is the Qur'an like the Bible and a ...

quran hadith scripture  
asked by Mr. Mr. 10 votes
answered by مجاهد 15 votes

How did the Prophet ( PBUH ) pray "Qiyam Prayer"?

Prophet Peace be upon him said: “Pray as you have seen me praying" - Sahih Al-Bukhari How did Prophet Muhammed Peace be upon him pray Qiyam Prayer ?

salat prophet-muhammad  
asked by Sameh Mohamed 5 votes
answered by Battle of Karbala 4 votes

Can you answer this question?

Can men wear artificial jewellery?

Can I wear artificial jewellery like a steel ring or a steel chain. I know that wearing gold or real jewellery is haram for men. But I've seen thousands of wearing steel jewellery. The question is can ...

halal-haram men haram fashion-design  
asked by Muhammad 1 vote
answered by Jood 0 votes
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