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Top new questions this week:

What is the context of With hardship comes ease?

I'm curious about the verse. It's obvious that hardship refers to life here on earth but what about the ease part? Does it refer to a believer's life on earth in the later years or when resurrected in ...

quran tafseer  
asked by Faizul 2 votes
answered by moinudin -2 votes

Why can't a woman give divorce her husband in the same way (means 3 times divorce)?

I understand that a woman can divorce her husband. But why can't she divorce him by saying 3 times divorce (talaq). Many non muslim say it is oppression of woman. And it is gender inequalty.

women talaq  
asked by King What 1 vote

How does a mute person pray salah?

I'm in contact with a revert brother who was born deaf. He can't speak either. He is currently learning to recite Arabic for salah, and he says he's just thinking about the meaning and moving his lips....

salat reciting  
asked by moinudin 1 vote

Can we update sharia law

There are many thing in sharia law that modern people (olny disbelievers) find outdated. So can we update sharia law. They saw That a woman can't have equal inherentense And why can't a woman live ...

sharia morality  
asked by Dark Knight 1 vote
answered by UmH 2 votes

What is authenticity of this hadith? Reference: Imam Bayhaqi in his Dalail an Nabuwwah: Volume 005, Page No. 483

Abu Hurraira (ra) narrates from the Messenger of Allah (May Peace be upon him) that he said: When Allah created Adam (Peace be upon him) He informed him of his descendants, at this Adam (Peace be upon ...

hadith authenticity  
asked by AbdulWahid Bin Sharif 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does Iqra (اقرأ) mean?

The first word revealed in the Quran is sometimes translated as "read" or "recite". In the English language, these two words can hold a broad scope of meanings with slight variations such as: Read: ...

quran definitions  
asked by Truth 7 votes

Anal sex in a marriage

I am having issues. I am not arguing if it's allowed or not, it is just something that I need to clear up. I keep reading that butt sex is haram because the word tilth is used in the Quran when ...

halal-haram nikah sex  
asked by No name 2 votes
answered by Moussa Chou 0 votes

Is it permissible to hug the wife in the month of Ramadan?

I would like to know if it is permissible to hug the wife in the month of Ramadan in bed? What's the ruling if they are fasting? Edit / Clarification: I suspect sexual intercourse isn't allowed when ...

ramadan sex  
asked by Blaster 4 votes
answered by ashes999 9 votes

Do ghosts exists according to Quran or Islam?

When I asked this question to a Masjid cleric, I never got a satisfactory answer. There is a lot of research going on this field. There are many Television shows that prove Ghost exists. But Science ...

quran science sunnah  
asked by muslim1 10 votes
answered by ashes999 16 votes

Why is "Assalatu Khairum Minan Naum" only said in the fajr/morning azan/call for prayer?

Why is Assalatu Khairum Minan Naum i.e. prayer is better than sleep Only said in the fajr azan and not any of the other four azans? As a person could be sleeping during those azans as well. ...

salat source-identification fajr  
asked by Bleeding Fingers 11 votes
answered by Mohammad Hossein 8 votes

How many Umras and Hajj were done by the Prophet (SAW)?

How many Umras and Hajj were done by the Prophet(PBUH) in his lifetime? Please refer the year, and the age of the Prophet(SAW) at that time, and add some reference from hadiths

prophet-muhammad hajj umrah  
asked by Azik Abdullah 7 votes
answered by Yaman ALTareh 7 votes

What is the meaning of saying "amin" after dua?

Why do we say Amin after doing a dua (praying) ? What does Amin mean? Christians say a similar word; namely Amen. Is this only a coincidence?

asked by hkBattousai 5 votes
answered by Ashu 4 votes
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