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Top new questions this week:

We fell In love and we wanted to get married. Can I be very clear there was no haram between us! He was murdered, will Allah unite us in jannat?

I met a man whom I fell in love with and he loved me too. We did not make a haram relationship, instead we waited so he could buy a house and marry me. We did not see each other a lot because we ...

asked by Z B 2 votes
answered by Omayer Hasan Marif 1 vote

How do I know if I should pray with irregular period

I thought I would get my period some days ago, but I didn’t. Yesterday at about 2pm I saw some dark red/brown after havimg cramps, so I just assumed that my period started. However, many hours later ...

salat sharia women ghusl  
asked by ddl_ 1 vote

Bad feeling in the heart

I have, in these last days, felt a bad feeling in my heart. Let me explain so you can insha a Lah, with the Quran and Sunnah, explain it to me. So these last days, when I say the shahada, I feel like ...

shirk kufr  
asked by Hello234 1 vote
answered by Ryan Amalfitano 1 vote

Why Musnad Ahmad not like other Sahih Books?

So as the title says, why Musnad Ahmed not in form like other Sahih Hadith books in which hadiths are listed based topic wise suchs as book of purification, book of prayer and so on? Does anybody know ...

asked by Hasan 1 vote
answered by Medi1Saif 5 votes

In hadiths, how do you know when "knowledge" means religious knowledge or any knowledge?

In some hadiths it's clear knowledge of religion is being discussed, some are clear that any knowledge is being discussed, but what about rest. Do all hadiths have context that you can read somewhere. ...

asked by Muhammad Umer 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the definition of Muslim according to the Holy Quran?

Is there any verse in the Holy Quran that provides a clear definition of who should be considered Muslim? Some extremist groups of Muslims use their own definition of Muslim and call some other ...

quran terminology  
asked by Battle of Karbala 12 votes

Is it permissible to hug the wife in the month of Ramadan?

I would like to know if it is permissible to hug the wife in the month of Ramadan in bed? What's the ruling if they are fasting? Edit / Clarification: I suspect sexual intercourse isn't allowed when ...

ramadan sex  
asked by Blaster 4 votes
answered by ashes999 9 votes

Which Quran verses mention the sahaba/companions?

I am looking for verses in the Quran that mention the companions of the prophet Mohamed. Can anyone help me find these verses?

sahaba ayah  
asked by Sohaeb 1 vote

Is a Muslim husband allowed to have sex with his multiple wives simultaneously?

Is it permissible for a man to have sex with 2 or 3 wives at a time if his wives have no problem to have sex and have no problem to share their husband together? Note that, they are wives, not hired ...

nikah sex husband-wife  
asked by kazi 10 votes

Is eating mushrooms allowed in islam?

mushrooms are neither fruit nor vegetables They are a special type of fungus source : but are they ...

halal-haram food  
asked by Zia 4 votes
answered by Hawk 7 votes

Do I need ghusl after after leaking from my penis when being affectionate with my wife?

I'm married. I have noticed that sometimes drops come out of my penis like transparent water when I hug my wife or kiss her. Do I have to take a bath after this or my clothes become unclean?

taharah ghusl  
asked by Abdullah Tariq 2 votes
answered by Medi1Saif 2 votes

What does the Quran and Sunnah say about telling one's dreams to someone else?

I had listened from elders that you should not tell your dreams to someone else, some says that you should not tell your bad dreams, some says never tell your good dreams,please explain according to ...

quran sunnah dream  
asked by Anum 1 vote
answered by Medi1Saif 2 votes
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