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Top new questions this week:

Honor and revenge in Islam

Does Islam have codified rules of honor and revenge/punishment in the general sense of personal honor. I am not interested in this question in the specific and sensationalised issue of "honor ...

asked by Johan88 2 votes

Seeing him/herself in nudity

Is it allowed for someone to see his/her own body in nudity (ex. from mirror) ? I doubt this since it could be a zina of the eyes

halal-haram zina  
asked by Rafid 1 vote
answered by OmarGW 1 vote

Watching horoscope out of curiosity. Will my salat not be accepted for 40 days because of what I did in both cases?

One of the first things I learned about Islam is that horoscope is kufr and magic and prayers are not accepted for 49 days. But one day, out of curiosity I browsed the horoscope on the internet not ...

salat fiqh sin forgiveness sihr  
asked by edmond 1 vote

How to interpret ayah 34-35 of surah Fussilat?

Salam alaykum. The ayah 34-35 of surah Fussilat tells us that repelling evil with good will cause your enemy to be as if he was a close friend. But I have seen people being used and the evil person ...

asked by 93CIMBOM 1 vote
answered by Husen Yusuf 1 vote

Can a simple person (Muslim) pass Sirat bridge at the speed of lightening?

Can a simple person (Muslim) pass Sirat bridge at the speed of lightening? What does he/she have to do in his/her life? Or is it only prophets who pass the bridge that fast?

asked by Bahrom 1 vote
answered by Muslimah يا رب العالمين 2 votes

Sunni's view on Ghadir Khumm

Shia's view on Ghadir Khumm produces the idea that Ali is the only legitimate successor directly after Muhammad. What is the sunnis view on this? why dont they consider Ghadir Khumm as serious as ...

sunni shiism shia-sunni  
asked by Rafid 1 vote

What does the Quran teach, if anything, about the covenant in Genesis 17?

I’m writing a paper on Genesis 17 and I would love to include the perspective of Islam. Any references do not necessarily have to be from the Quran but they should be from a relatively ancient source. ...

quran reference-request torah  
asked by Zachary F 1 vote
answered by Ahmed 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can a woman recite the Qur'an during her menses?

During a recent Jumuah prayer I heard a hadeeth about Abu Hurairah (RAA) Abu Huraira reported: He met the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, in the road of Medina while he was ...

women quran-recitation menses mushaf  
asked by Najeeb 11 votes
answered by servant-of-Wiser 5 votes

How do Islamic banks make money if interest is prohibited?

I know that Islamic Banking involves the prohibition of interest based loans. But how do Islamic Banks make profit if they charge no interest?

riba banking finance  
asked by Nerrve 23 votes
answered by Gulshan 19 votes

Haraam or Halal? - Coke and Pepsi contain 0.001% Alcohol

According to Daily Mail: "Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain minute traces of alcohol, scientific research published in France has revealed." "They suggest that the alcohol levels are as low as ...

halal-haram alcohol  
asked by I'll-Be-Back 14 votes
answered by ashes999 5 votes

Is it haraam to take medicine that contains alcohol?

Just like the title states, is it haraam to take medicine that contains alcohol?

halal-haram fiqh alcohol medical  
asked by zalemam 5 votes

What is the difference between SHIFA'ah and SHAFA'ah?

I want to know the exact meaning and difference between SHIFA'ah and SHAFA'ah and which one we need to ask Allah for?

arabic dua terminology shafaah  
asked by Sarfaraz 5 votes
answered by servant-of-Wiser 4 votes

Are we allowed to dye our hair?

Are we allowed to dye our hair in Islam? These two hadiths contradict each other Dawud :: Book 34 : Hadith 4210 Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud: The Prophet of Allah ...

halal-haram hair  
asked by Ashu 7 votes

Why is life insurance considered as un-Islamic?

I know that no one can give assurance of anything especially life, but I don't think life insurance is about that. It is a way to have something to sustain your family in case you are not there to ...

halal-haram insurance  
asked by goto 12 votes
answered by Abdullah 12 votes

Can you answer this question?

Where are free from riba countries?

In the name of Allah, I live in a country where all the banks are likely under a central bank that charges interest. So in order to get out of this system, I want to migrate to another country that ...

riba banking  
asked by Rafid 1 vote
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