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There is a well known hypothetical legal case in philosophy of law known as The Case of the Speluncean Explorers

In the hypothetical case, a trapped team of five spelunkers determine via radio contact with physicians that they will have starved to death by the time they are rescued, and thus elect to eat one of their party. Once the remaining four spelunkers are rescued, they are all indicted for the murder of their fifth member. The article proceeds to examine the case from the perspectives of five different legal principles, with widely varying conclusions as to whether or not the spelunkers are guilty, and whether or not they should be executed (as is the mandatory punishment for murder in the fictitious commonwealth where the case takes place).

What is islam's take on this case. Is it justifiable to eat according to sharia.

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Islam cherishes life and those who saves the lives of others.

Islam highly condemns the spilling of a human's blood.

Islam raises the status of those who struggle for the truth and for the cause of others even in the face of death.

Islam disgust those who eat one's brothers meat (allegorically, let alone concretely)

As for the verses I'll leave others to fill in, or if i have time to reedit this post, i hope to revisit it.

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