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Derived from this Question and this Answer is a question about wilayah of Faqih (ولایة الفقیه) that Shia brothers strongly believe in, although different scholars may have different opinions on its details (like if it is مطلقه or not). Basically:

  1. What is the idea of Wilayah of Faqih?
  2. has it any witness in Qur'aan and Hadeeth or it’s merely a scholarly modern idea in twelver Shia community? What about having intellectual justifications?
  3. is Wali Faqih unique for each time or there might be the possibility for this position to be occupied with more than one person at a time (like with a group of scholars instead of one scholar)?
  4. Who is eligible to determine who the Wali Faqih of the time is?
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