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السلام عليكم A guy was talking to a girl in the web , he wrote the لفظ الحلالة Allah in the page , is that Haram , or it is sort of mocking for the religion .,, ?

I searched the web for this , I saw in Islamweb which has question I asked before "they say that if someone was doing Haram , while the لفظ الحلالة was on the page , it's not mocking , but one should stop using this Haram thing , anyway , Another Fatwa says it is Haram to start something Haram with the name of Allah , but if someone for example was eating something , while watching Haram , and he said " In the name of Allah "for eating , that's totally different and they say that it is not even Haram to say

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At the first place, who said that it's haraam for a guy and a girl to talk on the web? If any, that's subject to many conditions. –  Tamer Shlash May 22 at 0:59
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