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I read in all religions books that they Predicting the future of the world. And they have plans and mission and vision about that. For example : they produce many products based on their mission on Armageddon in Hollywood. And all of us know every products like barby doll also based on that vision.

Absolute peace for all people without war

A world of love, peace and love

Imagine a world where money ,race and power. is not Value, Magnitude and Degree

There are no tyrants.

Rulers are righteous people

Did you have any of these concepts in Islam?

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Yes, there is prediction of the future, but it is not as simple as you describe. Refer to the signs of doomsday. – Hosam Aly Dec 31 '12 at 8:09
A good source of info about this issue can be found in the fantastic book compiled by Allamah Korani, Epoch of Appearance (عصر ظهور). You can download it in English, Arabic and Persian here. Only note that it uses the available Ahadeeth and set them in an order that is based on Allamah's own Ijtihad, not stated as Hadeeth, so not very certain. But very good for reading. – owari Jan 1 '13 at 8:28
Also note that the passage of time has shown some interpretation of Ahadeeth more clear than the time the book was compiled. E.g., in a Hadeeth Turks are said that they will attack Shaam if my mind could help (currently Syria), Allamah has assumed Turks to go back to Russia, but now it seems that by Turks it was meant the very Turkey and not Russia. Anyway, it seems that Imam Mahdi and Jesus --peace be upon them-- and Sufyani and Sayyid Yamani are going to appear in a very near future, maybe only a few years from now. And Allah knows best. – owari Jan 1 '13 at 8:34
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Definitely yes, and this picture has provided in several Ayah of Quran:

Al Nur 55

Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them and that He will surely establish for them [therein] their religion which He has preferred for them and that He will surely substitute for them, after their fear, security, [for] they worship Me, not associating anything with Me. But whoever disbelieves after that - then those are the defiantly disobedient. - Al Nur 55

Al Anbiya 105

And We have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that the land [of Paradise] is inherited by My righteous servants. - Al Anbiya 105

But How This Promise of Allah Will Happen?

There are several trustful narrations from prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about this. I provide some from Sunni books, the narrations of Shia books are also very similar:

عَنِ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَالَ ‏ "‏ لَوْ لَمْ يَبْقَ مِنَ الدَّهْرِ إِلاَّ يَوْمٌ لَبَعَثَ اللَّهُ رَجُلاً مِنْ أَهْلِ بَيْتِي يَمْلأُهَا عَدْلاً كَمَا مُلِئَتْ جَوْرًا ‏"‏ ‏.‏

The Prophet (PBUH) said: If only one day of this time (world) remained, Allah would raise up a man from my family who would fill this earth with justice as it has been filled with oppression. - Sunan Abi Dawud, Book Al Mahdi (37), Hadith 4270

Who Is The Promised Person Who Will Fill Earth With Justice?

We can find the answer to this question also from other narrations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم يَقُولُ ‏ "‏ الْمَهْدِيُّ مِنْ عِتْرَتِي مِنْ وَلَدِ فَاطِمَةَ ‏"‏ ‏

The Prophet (PBUH) said: The Mahdi will be of my family, of the descendants of Fatimah. - Sunan Abi Dawud, Book Al Mahdi(37), Hadith 4271

And What Else Will Happen?

There are many other events narrated from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his offsprings about what will happen at that time, including appearance of Dajjal, return of Christ (Isa ibn Maryam) and his joining to Mahdi. Some of them are included in this narration of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For longer list of narrations, events, and signs of return of Mahdi you can read the books like one whole chapter of Sunan Abi Dawud called Kitab Al Mahdi - in Arabic and English, المهدي المنتظر (Al Mahdi Al Muntathar) published in Saudi Arabia - in Arabic, or the wikipedia page of Imam Mahdi.

enter image description here

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There are "signs of doomsday" describing events/changes which already happened, are currently happening and will yet have to happen before doomsday is brought about.

Since these signs describe future events/changes they can be seen as "predictions".

BTW: Islam does not have any plan for the future... it is Allah who knows the future and has revealed some of it.

Please provide more specific information on what you are looking for so that the answer can be more useful.

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As far as my understanding of the Quran goes, especially on the verses about the vision of Malaikah/angles about Adam AS and his proginy being given the title khalifah fil ardl (the successor/vicegerent on earth) where they thought that his progeny will only spill blood on earth. Allah SWT on the other hand has other plans for Adam AS and his progeny, and Allah SWT is about to prove that the sons of Adam are worthy of the title. (2:30-39)

So the idea of humans will be causing Armageddon is non-Qur’anic of origins.

The idea of Dajjal is one of those ideas that will bite the followers of those ideas themselves. No mentioning of the Dajjal in the Quran, in fact the idea of Dajjal is the cause of strife. The same idea that caused the killings of the babies to search for Moosa/Moses AS, And the idea behind the jewish killing 3eesa/jesus AS. Later on, are we going to make the same mistake again? By following the scenario where the Dajjal will be killed by the alleged 3eesa AS. What will happen is the legitimation of terrorism against the so called "Dajjal".

Blood shed is not what Allah SWT had in mind for humanity. We need to wake up people.

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