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All the Ahadith saying to wipe the neck in Wudu are either Da'if (Weak) or Maudoo' (Fabricated).

So, would wiping the backside of the neck in Wudu' be considered Makrooh as all the Madhahib say except for the Hanafiyah, or would it be considered Bid'ah because the Prophet (May Allah's Peace and blessings be upon Him) never was described doing such in authentic Ahadith? And because it has no strong foundation, would it be considered Bid'ah?

What have the scholars said on this?

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Okay, It is highly disputed among Hanafiyah themselves. Would be nice to see some answers. –  Abdullah Dec 28 '12 at 20:25
The core question here, in a more generic form, could be: "Is it makrooh, bid'ah or haram to do an action that has only been prescribed in weak or fabricated Hadiths?" The instance you're describing is an example of such a case. –  Hosam Aly Dec 29 '12 at 5:52
I haven't heard regarding wiping the neck during the Wudu in any authentic source. –  السید____علی May 1 '14 at 8:38

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As far as I searched, I did not find any authentic matter concerning this issue. Therefore, logically and also as a rule it could be termed Bid’ah. As a result we cannot term it Makruh, then it could be named Haram (forbidden), Since as far as I know, all sects of Islam believe that Bidah is considered as a Haram practice. Let’s see what precisely Bid’ah is.

Bid’ah or (البدعه) literally is related to the innovation and actually, something new, and in Islamic terms, means to relate something to religion which it has in no way asserted and likewise in no way complies with any of its guidelines and sayings.

In accordance with this description, many of the Muslims’ practices aren’t considered bid’ah, given that they don’t relate what they are doing to religion, or even what those Muslims do doesn’t go under one of the general categories which is related to the religion.

Eventually wiping the neck in wudu could be termed Bid’ah. Of course you ought to pay attention that in a case you cannot term it Bid’ah(or even Makruh), and that is when you do it solely with the intention of cleaning. Actually you must be aware that is it not considered as an Islamic act and solely you do it as you like do it.



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