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While there is also another related question on the website, my question is however different:

In many countries, Muslim women don't cover their face and palms, although they cover their hair, ears, neck, the parts of hand higher than wrist, and their body by Hijab.

There are also some Islamic countries that women cover their face with Hijab. Is it part of Islam or it's just a cultural issue of that countries? Is it a must? And if it is not a must in Islam, doesn't it limit the social activity of women in that countries?

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This is a very divisive issue that has been debated (and is still being debated) to death. Almost all of Islamic scholars agree that covering the hair is mandatory, but on covering the face you will find very little consensus. Those who believe that covering the face is mandatory have cited their interpretation of Quran and Hadith, while those who oppose them have their own interpretation as well. The answers in this related question should shed more light on the subject.

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