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Are Muslims allowed to break copyright? I mean using a software, watching a movie, listening a music or reading an e-book - that are supposed to be paid - without purchasing them.

Does it depend to the laws of the country a Muslim is living?

Answers containing the views of different scholars/schools are more than welcome.

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See also:… - which seems to basically say "no, that is not ok" – Marc Gravell Dec 2 '12 at 6:32
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The Standing Committee was asked: Is it permissible for me to record (a copy of) a tape and sell it without asking permission from its author, or from the publisher if the author is no longer alive? Is it permissible to make many copies of a book and sell them? Is it permissible to make a copy of a book and not sell it, rather keep it for myself, if it is marked copyright; do I have to ask for permission or not?

They replied: There is nothing wrong with making copies of useful tapes and selling them, or making copies of books and selling them, because that is helping to spread knowledge, unless their authors have stated that this is not allowed, in which case their permission must be sought.

Fatwa source:

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+1 and thanks for the fair answer – Ali Jan 18 '13 at 17:11

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