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Is it acceptable for muslims to mark festivals of other religions (particularly, given the time of year, Christmas)? Does our acceptance of these 'holy days' give legitimacy to beliefs which, as Muslims we know to be clearly false? Or should we once again put our feelings to one side in order to maintain harmony (with neighbors who don't afford the same respect towards us?)

Thank you brothers for your views & answers

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I saw this question and felt it was not similar. The questioner was asking whether it was ok to share gifts with non-believers in a non-religious gathering during the christmas period... Whereas I'm asking whether we should mark any non-islamic religious festival, even when we know that there's no basis for doing this. (i.e. send christmas cards) –  Hanif Nov 29 '12 at 21:35
I was always told it was not by some imams, but they did not provide citation, and they're usually not very tolerant types. Christmas is being increasingly recognized today as a secular holiday. –  Muz Nov 30 '12 at 4:18
It is either 'unclear' or 'opinion based' or not properly asked...... –  servant-of-Wiser Apr 14 at 13:07

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