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I heard that there are totally 6666 ayaths in Al-Quran.

But, I counted in my own Quran,that it has less than that.

I asked my brothers,they said that it is based on the edition the number of ayaths will change.(Is it so?)

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There are 6236 in total (not counting the basmalas at start). You can get a copy of Quran in text file from tanzil. Just download a copy and check the number of lines/entries to see for yourself.

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the "6666 verses" myth was likely introduced to scare off Christians from looking into Islam, by associating the Quran with the devil's number.

The total number of Ayats in the Quran is around 6,236. The actual number may vary depending on what is counted as a complete Ayat.

and Allah knows best.

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Assalaamu Alaikum, welcome to Islam.StackExchange.com. I thank you for posting an answer here. I request you to please go through this faq to get an idea of writing great answers. If you make a claim of something, you should quote reliable references. Jazaakallah. –  Tabrez Ahmed Dec 2 '12 at 5:41
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The difference between the total of ayahs is due to some people count the Starting Bismillah in start of every Surah as a separate verse and others just count it once.

This islamword.net link has a complete statistic gathered at one place. From the page

Total No. of Verses 6236

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I think you might mis-spelled 6 as 9. You can revoke the edit if I'm wrong. –  Muslim Jan 16 at 4:55
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There are totally 6236 ayats in Al-Quran.


Allah and his messenger knows all the things.

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Number of ayat in the Al-Qur'an are 6236 ayat (without counting basmalah which are not be given number, there are 112 ayat).

Number of ayat in surah Al-Fatihah are 7 ayat, including basmalah (ayah number 1).

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Welcome is Islam. Please try to make sure your answer shares info that is not available in other answers. Please clarify "there are 112 ayat" and "ayah number 1". –  Bleeding Fingers Jan 4 at 16:11
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