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I understand that Sunni's consider all forms of Riba to be haraam, including riba based financing such as mortgages.

I also understand that Shia based scholars consider riba to be haraam, but apparently riba based financing such as mortgages are fine based on your intention.

For example, if you need 500,000 in financing, but after calculating the riba you know that you will end up paying 1,000,000. If you make the intention of taking out a riba free mortgage of 1,000,000, it's all good?

My question is, what is the Sunni view on such intentions?

Authentic Sunni sources would be preferred. Or at least the views and/or a fatwa from a reputable sunni scholar.

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Shia also don't permit riba based financing such as mortgages, I think –  Ali Nov 23 '12 at 17:32
Can you be more specific on what you're asking? It sounds like you know already that sunni scholars consider riba mortgages haram. Are you asking "do sunni scholars consider a good intention as something that makes a haram action halal?" –  ashes999 Nov 27 '12 at 17:43
there are no scholars over here, and so your question is left unanswered till now. Go try somewhere else... :) –  servantofWiser Feb 25 at 16:40

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