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I have seen a hadith in Sunni references that

Abdul Rahman bin `Awf said: The prophet (PBOH) said:

  • Abu Bakr in Paradise

  • Omar in Paradise

  • Uthman in Paradise

  • Ali in Paradise

  • Talha in Paradise

  • al- Zubair (bin al-'Awwam) in Paradise

  • AbdulRahman bin `Awf in Paradise

  • Saad (bin Abi Waqqass) in Paradise

  • Saeed (bin Zaid) in Paradise

  • abu 'Ubaida bin al- Jarrah in Paradise


There is in a hadith that the Prophet(PBOH) said that He heard the sound of footprints of Bilal R.A.

So, in the lifetime of Prophet(PBOH),He said that Bilal R.A will enter paradise.

Why his name is not included in this hadith.

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Is there any reason to believe that this list is comprehensive? – Hosam Aly Nov 19 '12 at 14:43
Why do you believe Bilal's name should be on this list? – ashes999 Nov 19 '12 at 19:23
@ashes999, I heard in a Bayan that our Prophet(PBOH) before enter in to jannah, He will climb on a camel and call Hazrat Bilal to pull the camel to enter to jannah,(ie, first person to place feet on jannah at the day of judgement is Bilal(R.A) then camel and then Nabi(Sal)) then Bilal(R.A) will return after placing his habeeb in jannah. Then all prophets will enter and then abubacker,Umar(R.A)....., thats why I am surprised to see hazrat Bilal's name was not in the ten sahabas list. – Muslim Nov 20 '12 at 6:08
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There is no reason to assume that the Hadith is a comprehensive list of those promised paradise. There are literally hundreds of companions who are known to deserve paradise (isA). This Hadith just mentions 10 of them.

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Bilal is already in Jannah. The Prophet (SAW) heard his foot steps, therefore Bilal has already entered Jannah. BTW For those ten, it was that nothin could harm their chances of belonging in Jannah. No deed was strong enough to pull them away from the straight path from that day forward. Other people have other ideas, but this is mine. Just a thought

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