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Please note this question is different of "if Mawalid is Halal or Haram" because one action can be Bidat but still Halal. Or cannot be Bidat but still Haram.

Please mention the reasoning for your answer from Quran or authentic hadith and not only a fitwa.

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Shia view

According to history available it is not proved prophet celebrated Mawalid.

But this does not mean Mawalid is Bidat.

Prophet did not use cell phone and computer. so it is Haram? no but it is Mubah because we do not have any evidence prophet made it Haram.

While we do not have an evidence prophet made something Haram we are not allowed to make it Haram only because we do not have any evidence to show prophet made it Halal.

Also maybe prophet did something but its hadith did not survive in 1400 years in history and wars and for different reasons. currently I have no evidence they celebrated mawalid. also we have no evidence they banned it. so banning what prophet did not ban is Bidat. when there is no evidence for ban or permit of an action in Islam it is considered Mubah. not Haram. changing something from Mubah to Haram is Bidat.

According to Shia Islam, it no Bidat. (ref)

According to sunni scholars, there is a difference of opinion. Some, like Al-Azhar University of Egypt consider it no Bidat. (Arabic ref, English ref) Others, like Ibn Taymiyah and Muhammad Inn Abdul-Wahhab), consider it Bidat. (ref)

Mawalid of family members is not Islamic but still is not Harm while it does not contain a Haram act. its like using computer. not banned and not recommended in Islam. but some Shia Hadith from Imams for shia like Imam Sadiq a.s says: our followers are happy with our happiness and are sad with our sadness. can you prove why Mawalid is Bidat?

According to Shia Islam when there is no evidence for one action to be Halal or Haram it is Mubah and not considered ad Bidat because there is no positive or negative rule for ir in Islam.

Cultures change over time and prophet said leave cultures not conflicting Islam. if prophet did not celebrate Mawalid it was not usual at that time.

Milawd itself is not done while claimed to be part of Islam. but it is used as a tool for advertising and promoting Islam and teachings of prophet. when you give free foods to people at Mawalid it attracts other people to Islam and make interest in them to learn about prophet and Islam


Definition of Bidah [Rasool Allah (saww) vs. Salafies]

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Milawd itself is not done while claimed to be part of Islam. but it is used as a tool for advertising and promoting Islam and teachings of prophet. So the methods of teaching islam taught by the prophet and allah are not that good, so humans have to go about inventing their own methods of teaching people about islam? i.e. Milawd? Personally, I think the teaching style of the prophet was the best, and no human method which came after the prophets teaching methods can be better. – oshirowanen Dec 23 '12 at 10:06
@oshirowanen, brother, no body says the method of teaching of the Prophet is wrong or no good. In fact, in most cultures, mawlid is sth that causes the people remember the person. For the Prophet and the holy household, people use it to teach people about Islam, God and the Prophet (pbuh). I think Saudi Arabia is the only country which does not have holiday in the birth day of the Prophet (pbuh). What is the propblem of celebrating this this day to preach Islam, if no haram is involved? – rowman Dec 23 '12 at 13:54

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