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I heard that Imam Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) was born inside the Ka'bah, that is the walls cracked and he was delivered inside the kaabah. My question is what is the validity of this story according to the shia? did the events in this story actually happen? I am looking for clear cut evidences of the veracity of this story and the events in it according to the shia view.

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In the name of Allah the compassionate the merciful

Ali was born on the 13th of Rajab of the 30th year of the Elephant (A.D. 600). His cousin, Muhammad, was now 30 years old. Ali's parents were Abu Talib ibn Abdul Muttalib, and Fatima, the daughter of Asad, both of the clan of Hashim (1).

Masoodi which is entitled as the herodotus of arabs writes in his "The Golden Meadows" (Murooj-udh-Dhahab) as such:

one of the greatest distinctions that Ali enjoyed was that he was born in the House of Allah.

many other authors have confirmed the birth of Imam Ali (a.s) in Kabaa. Some of them are as following:

1.Muhammad ibn Talha el-Shafei in Matalib-us-saool, page 11.

2.Hakim in Mustadrak, page 483, Vol. III.

3.El-Umari in Sharh Ainia, page 15.

4.Halabi in Sira, page 165, Vol. I.

5.Sibt ibn al-Jauzi in Tadhkera Khawasil Ummah, page 7.

6.Ibn Sabbagh Maleki in Fusoolul Mohimma, page 14.

7.Muhammad bin Yousuf Shafei in Kifayet al-Talib, page 261.

8.Shablanji in Nurul Absar, page 76.

9.Ibn Zahra in Ghiyathul Ikhtisar, page 97.

  1. Edvi in Nafhatul Qudsia, page 41 (1).

Also some references such as ( Al-Mustadrak 3:483) have confirmed Kabaa cracked and fatima bint Asad entered it to give birth into Imam Ali (a.s.).

(1)- http://www.al-islam.org/story-of-the-holy-kaaba-and-its-people-shabbar/first-imam-ali-ibn-abu-talib

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lol, I just had the same answer posted here and it was deleted!! –  Bludream 9 hours ago
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in the name of Allah, the most compassionate , the most merciful.

First I must mention that the birth of the faithful Imam Ali in Ka’aba in both Shia and Sunni viewpoint is definite and constant and Repeated many times in narrations:

شيخ مفيد رضوان الله تعالي عليه: ولد بمكة في البيت الحرام يوم الجمعة الثالث عشر من رجب سنة ثلاثين من عام الفيل ، ولم يولد قبله ولا بعده مولود في بيت الله تعالى سواه إكراما من الله تعالى له بذلك وإجلالا لمحله في التعظ

Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, peace be upon him, was born on Friday, on the thirteenth of the month of Rajab, thirty years after the massacre at the house of God in Mecca. No one Neither before nor after him born in the house of God. The born of “Amir Almo’menin“ in the house of Allah is a great virtue and honor which Allah assigned to him to celebrate his dignity and worth.

حاكم نيشابوري: فقد تواترت الأخبار أن فاطمة بنت أسد ولدت أمير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب كرم الله وجهه في جوف الكعبة

There are many narrations that Fatima Bint Asad bore amir almomenin Imam Ali ibne abi Talib “karam Allah vajha” , Inside Ka’aba.

Some other narrations:

سبط ابن جوزي: وروي أن فاطمة بنت أسد كانت تطوف بالبيت وهي حامل بعلي (ع) فضربها الطلق ففتح لها باب الكعبة فدخلت فوضتعه فيها .

علي بن الحسين مسعودي: وكان مولده في الكَعبة

گنجي شافعي: «ولد أمير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب بمكة في بيت الله الحرام ليلة الجمعة لثلاث عشرة ليلة خلت من رجب سنة ثلاثين من عام الفيل ولم يولد قبله ولا بعده مولود في بيت الله الحرام سواه إكراما له بذلك ، وإجلالا لمحله في التعظيم .

ابن صباغ المالكي: ولد علي ( عليه السلام ) بمكة المشرفة بداخل البيت الحرام في يوم الجمعة الثالث عشر من شهر الله الأصم رجب الفرد سنة ثلاثين من عام الفيل قبل الهجرة بثلاث وعشرين سنة ، وقيل بخمس وعشرين ، وقبل المبعث باثني عشرة سنة ، وقيل بعشر سنين . ولم يولد في البيت الحرام قبله أحد سواه ، وهي فضيلة خصه الله تعالى بها إجلالا له وإعلاء لمرتبته وإظهارا لتكرمته .

حلبي: لأنه ولد في الكعبة وعمره (يعني النبي) (ص) ثلاثون سنة

And the question is why? Why Imam Ali ibne abi Talib was born inside the Kaaba? Maybe Alusi gives us the answer:

Mahmud al-Alusi says:

«سبحان من یضع الاشیاء فی مواضعها و هو احکم الحاکمین»

Glory be to God who puts everything in its place and hi is the most just of all judges

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Apparently It is very well known for everyone that Imam was born in kabaa, Q is what about the cracking of the wall? –  Bludream yesterday
@Bludream If it is so, the question should be edited. –  Mohammad Hossein 11 hours ago
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