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I just wanted to know what islam has to say with this militant group. Their raping girls, killing children, etc. I believe this ISIS is trying to establish an islamic state. Why now? Does islam justify their actions or support this.

In order for them to try and establish this islamic state they are basically Killing the disbelievers which are the shiates. They force people to "submit" to islam which is impossible and if they dont they get killed. You cant force someone into islam, one has to fully understand its teachings with their hearts and mind. then they will work on other weakened islamic nations to agree. I dont want them bringing their crap anywhere else but there and i wish they were nonexistant.

So many innocent people dying i dont understand why thousands of people are going there to perform "jihaad". Its all so confusing to me why the sum (very few actually) of muslims could agree with such a terrorist group. There obviously there because they read in the Koran they have to make jihaad which is true but why now and where does it say in the quran and proven by scholars that their violent hostile actions are justified? There are making yesidi christians starve to death on a mountain and raping them as success. This possibly cant be justified in any way so how could anyone with a conscience and a brain support this?

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Simply looking at the acts ISIS is committing would prove to any moral human being that they are wrong. Justifying their acts using Islam doesn't make them any more correct/defensible.

The main problem is that through simple lack of knowledge about Islam, many people might accept ISIS's justification as revealing the true face of the religion, when in fact Islam doesn't permit these heinous acts everybody is witnessing.

To make this more concrete, I'd like to give a minor example: when abusive men justify their violence against their wives/girlfriends by saying that it's out of love, nobody takes them seriously, since everybody knows what love is. In the same way, anybody that's knowledgeable enough about Islam would find it absurd to justify ISIS's horrendous acts using the religion.

Finally, if you'd like a more scholarly answer on this subject, I'd really recommend Yasir Qadhi's lengthy talk on the subject. If you'd like a more direct comment on the situation in Syria, here's a shorter video from the same event (though it doesn't speak specifically about ISIS).

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