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I am 17 years old girl and born Muslim. When I was a round five years old a terrible thing happened to me, I was raped by my cousin, and he was between 18-20 years when this happened. I have met him several times after it happened, and I think I am going to meet him again. I haven't told anyone about it, I feel I am guilty in some way. how do I move on I know everything happens in the will of god it is hard for me to put this in the past and move on. I always put trust in god but it is always in my mind, I am trying to be a good Muslim. I kindly appreciate some advice from you.

Edit: I live far away from my home land, and when I and my family visiting my home land, he will be there because he is my cousin. that's what I meant by that I'm going to see him again if it was for me I would never see him again.

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you can't meet to your cousin he is namuharram for you. and why you want to meet to your cousin after such a big thing happened, Pray all the namaz and do istigfar Allah is gafoorur-raheem and do not meet him again. –  ali786 Aug 4 '14 at 5:41
What should I remove from my question? So I can still get answer –  Fathema Aug 6 '14 at 18:35
I feel I am guilty in some way This is because of the society you live in. You are at no fault. You probably live in a male dominated society where all the blame is put against women. The best thing for you would be to talk to a scholar or consular that would put you at ease. If you are smart and attractive, that is not your fault! I am sure in Islamic society is it labelled against women! –  muslim1 Aug 6 '14 at 19:02

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As far as reporting this, it's your call. I'm sorry to hear such a thing but I can tell you that this was not Zina, since you clearly have stated that it's a rape incident. The difference between those is that


  • Has the consent of both (unmarried) parties.
  • Done only after puberty of both parties (If one hasn't hit puberty, I don't see how he/she would have developed the natural human sexual desire).


  • Is done without the consent of one of the involved parties.

So given your stated case, this is a rape case and not zina, you can not be punished in anyway, and you may ask Allah for guidance and forgiveness (not that you've done anything wrong in this particular case).

I pray for Allah to help you move on and guide you to what's best.

Side note I've just noticed: Please rephrase your question title; we don't "make" Allah forgive us, we "ask" for His forgiveness. I'm not generally so strict on words, but we're talking about Allah, the greatest, here; so one can't ever be polite enough talking with Allah.

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