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previously, I had heard a tradition from Imam Sadeq(Sadiq) (a.s.) regarding looking at non-mahrams that:

«النّظرة سهمٌ من سهام إبلیس مسمومٌ من ترکها للّه لا لغیره أعقبه اللّه إیماناً یجد طعمه»

Looking (at non-mahrams) is a poison arrow from Satan's arrows, whoever leaves it for the sake of Allah not for the sake of others (except him), Allah will give him a faith (Iman) that he tastes its flavor.

I wonder what is its reference?

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Sheikh Hor Ameli, Mohammad bin Hasan, Vasael Al Shia, V20, pg190, AlalBait institute, Qom, First Edition, 1409(lunar)

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