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I am girl and I don't usually talk to men but since I have started college so I have spoken to a few guys.

Previously I had fell in love with a guy and was flirted with over the internet. Currently I follow many guys using Twitter and they follow me back too. Their's and my tweets are Islamic.

I really want to get married but if I don't talk to guys then I don't think I will be able to find a good Muslim guy to marry. And that's why I use these online medium of communication.

Given the above is it permissible to chat with men online and follow them on Twitter?

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Welcome to Islam. Could you please cut down on some irrelevant details and stick to the core question and the things that are necessary to the question and provide it context. Also please go through How to Ask. –  Bleeding Fingers Feb 20 at 18:06
Sister, this is probably not a proper answer to your question and I was going to comment it but I think you will find this link beneficial inshAllah. youtube.com/watch?v=eX_zzgQwj6w May Allah keep you high in health and imaan. –  Jam Feb 21 at 21:31
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Chatting with guys online will do no good to you. It is just not permissible in Islam. If you think you need to attract a good Muslim man, than chatting with boys won't help, nor will following them on Twitter.

Get closer to Allah, purify yourself , so that He will purify one for you. Start wearing an Abayah. Many good Muslim men search for women who veil and cover themselves properly. Also consider this: if they are Good Muslims they would probably never chat with a woman online.

Believe me, every woman has a tendency to attract other men. Every woman feels good when she is praised. But you have to control that.

The main purpose of hijab after all is so that women don't attract men.

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+1 for an excellent answer. I would also like to add that (being a man) I can say that women who talk and flirt easily with men are not really considered good "wife material." On the other hand, a good hijabi woman, though not glamorous, are universally considered to be good potential wives (even among non-Muslim men). So to the OP sister and other sisters, please take the hint! –  Najeeb Feb 26 at 10:06
As I said before I don't flirt back with them, but thanks for the advice :) –  Aisha Mar 4 at 10:08
only those will have chit chat with you,who want to USE you and throw you away after using.. (they will only be immature, and non-serious perverts). –  Farhan Apr 11 at 20:09
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It depends on your intention, what you want to do when chatting with guys, if you want to attract boys or find a boyfriend, then that clearly not allowed in Islam, no if you have a clear purpose, saying you need some help, or you want to ask about someone, or for any other reason which is not the same or equivalent to the first one, then that would be of no harm, communication with human beings never was a problem, not in Islam, nor in any other religion at my knowledge

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Bro I do not agree with you in this regard , even while knowing one's own niyah is clear. one can never be sure that the intention of other person is also clear. –  Taz Feb 22 at 16:04
Many Scholars regard chatting with a non Mehram guy to be as severe as being alone with a Non Mehram guy in one room. However if the chat is not amongst only 2 people and there is a third person , a wali , to keep the conversation under control. it would be permissible. –  Taz Feb 22 at 16:06
Oh really ? chatting with someone from a distance of 5000 miles is similar as being with him/her in the same room ?? –  AymenDaoudi Feb 22 at 16:10
I am not saying this on my own Bro. this is what Dr Zakir Nayak said in one of his videos. In a sense that both conversations can go beyond control and when a man and a woman are alone , there is a third one and that is Shaytan. in chatting when two people are alone , Satan is the third one. –  Taz Feb 22 at 16:17
@Pureferret Twitter or Facebook are certainly not the right place to do this , the logical reason for that would be at the point of time when the two people communicate or interact in any way.The male mahram would not be there at that point of time. While many of the posts later appear to you on the page as feeds , many of them do not appear at a later time. Apart from that the best advice can be taken from youtube.com/watch?v=6Twu74vCXqA –  Taz Feb 28 at 2:30
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